blogging in google sites vs wordpress

December 4, 2023

Is Sites as Powerful as WP?

It was really hard to give up my old WordPress blog but I no longer needed that hard hitting investigative power for my posts about legal topics.  When Google started charging for Gmail in 2022 I couldn't justify the monthly expense of Go Daddy C Panel managed WP hosting and my Google Workspace account.   With Sites you do not need to purchase a SSL security plugin like you do in WP so you save approximately $75 on that security padlock alone with Sites.  At first I felt that my advance search engine optimization skills had gone to waste but then I started transposing my WP SEO skills to sites.  After all, up to date content is still one of the most important factors. The purpose of this blog is to get it indexed for people who are asking the question, can blogging in Google Sites be search engine optimized as as good as WordPress? 

Embedding Google Blogger into Google Sites

Here is a fishing blogger who is embedding his Blogger site into his Google Site.   Blogger is owned and operated by Google.  By embedding the Blogger post you lose the title tags and the slug (URL).  Plus my Blogger site with its custom URL stopped displaying related posts and other minor bugs so combined with the lack of SEO I just stopped using it and will not be renewing my domain.  

Blogging in Google Sites vs. WordPress: CONTENT IS STILL KING OF THE JUNGLE

If your blogs are dealing with a very specific search, then it seems that just about any site will show up high in the organics.  I am used to trying to rank on page one for in demand key words in law, yoga, meditation, higher consciousness, etc., which I would still like to capture.  However, a few weeks ago I was doing my due diligence on my iPhone by researching online and a Google Site that didn't even have a custom link like, came up high in the organic listings.  I pay $60/per year so that this blog does not have "google" in the domain.  


Here is a great list of examples of Sites including Hannah Bannana who has created a blog of sorts that most closely resembles what I am currently doing and it also illustrates what your domain looks without the $60 custom domain:  It is well worth it to me to keep  because I have developed legions of readers keeping up with this website.  If you ever see me stop blogging then I have probably transistioned to the next stage of existence.