studying the power of now and higher consciousness is my real work

Studying Higher Consciousness Is My Real Work

December 1, 2023

Writing fiction is much more work for me than non-fiction

I am feeling done with writing fiction for now.   Non-fiction writing has always appealed to me much more than purely creative writing.  I am reaping the rewards by being required to take design of educational media courses in undergraduate film school at CSUN.  I have always said that writing these blogs is like creating my own masters degree in the design of instructional media.  The purpose of this blog is to make a personal commitment to my real work studying and practicing higher consciousness.   I am re-reading The Power of Now and listening to it on noise-cancelling headphones while I go to sleep at night.  For the time being I will be studying this engaging guide to enlightenment  Eckhart Tolle.  I have also been watching Mr. Tolle's videos on YouTube.  Blogging about higher consciousness has always been my real work.  

Can Google Sites be optimized as powerfully as WordPress?

This Google site is a research project to see if Google Sites can be search engine optimized as good as my old WordPress blog was. Some SEO experts say that they both have powerful SEO tools to which I would add, if you know WP your SEO skills will cross-platform beautifully because only WP has SEO plugins like Yoast.   Before I pulled the plug on LegalNoodle as a WordPress Blog I copied this invaluable SEO checklist from the Yoast plug-in.  Google posts great SEO guides and they are similar to Yoast. 

Higher consciousness is my real work

Not only do I want to optimize for my work in higher consciousness, I want to rank high in the Google organics because it is a rush for me to see my posts at the top of the page.  Rich, rewarding content providing a quality user experience is key.  When this blog begins indexing on Google I will post updates as to how its SEO is proceeding.  AI and search bots will understand.  I want to help answer the question if Google Sites can be optimized as well as WordPress.