man meditating into beingness

Meditation Into Beingness

December 2, 2023

Universal Source Within

Meditation into beingness is my practice although I am open to many different types of meditation practice.  Today I went to a heartfulness mediation session at a senior fair.  It was not my cup of tea but I am glad I experienced it anyway.  I learned the phrase "universal source" from the teacher and that is what I am all about.  I connected with everyone and wanted to join everything.  My greed got the better of me because I should have been more mindful when filling out raffle tickets with my email and phone number trying to win a free trip to Hawaii.  The best part about todays Golden Future Expo were the tacos.  Ten dollars for three tacos and a generic soda, I even complimented the taco bar that they were the best event at the fair.  

Venice Public Library

After my heartfulness mediation into oneness with the universal source, pork, beef & chicken tacos I went on my regular Saturday morning run to the Abbot-Kinney Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library I found a hot of the press new book on the rise and fall of crypto:  NUMBER GO UP: Inside Crypto's Wild Rise and Staggering Fall by Zeke Faux.  I started reading it in my van parked in the beautiful fall leaved parking lot.  It was so exciting I can't wait to read it after I hammer out this blog.  Reading exciting books about the sea and technology keep me off of Netflix and Prime.  Reading is much better for the soul than most movies out there.  

Meditation Into Beingness as the Universal "I AM"

The most important thing is to turn off the mind and rise above the level of words and thoughts.  Beingness cannot be understood with the mind.  Only in the still small voice will I ever find what I am looking for.   Night after night and year after year the space behind my eyelids reveals deeper and deeper truths.  The truth is that "I AM". After fifteen years I finally get "I AM" and it goes beyond words and thoughts because it has to.  No two people will ever have the same experience of oneness with the universe.  But they would probably never meet each other because only a few people are chosen by the universal source.  Beingness takes the religion out of God. I am unifying my Infinite Way practice with The Power of Now.  I understand why young people are uninterested in orthodox religion.  The harvest is plenty the workers are few.