bench tony allegre trained on triangle park 6081 center dr

Bench at Triangle Park and old Spectrum/Bay Club next door. 

Triangle Park 6081 Center Dr. Los Angeles, 90045

While working out inside the old Spectrum Gym I looked out the window and saw Trainer Manager Tony Allegre doing functional exercise outside on this table.  A few days later I asked Tony if he would train me.  He said that he didn't normally train members, he only supervised trainers but he would make an exception in my case.  It was the best $250 I ever spent.  

Vacancy at Park Terrace

This was my home for years when it was a Spectrum gym and then later a Bay Club franchise that gave up the lease on this building in 2018.  This is where new trainer Ali taught me the three part burpees that would transform my life.  

6833 Park Terrace