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I need a new image and am searching for a new avatar, how do like this one?  Instead of going to writing class today I wrote this quick post about The Power of Now.  All I like doing is blogging.  Real writers write and publish daily.  

First weekend in December and is the time of year for me to be productive.  Beingness in the golden silence of blissful solitude.  Enlightenment is as easy as turning off the mind and going into the deep heart of  beingness.  Blogging provides me with an opportunity to study and arrange material.  It is important to have a home page like this to tell the search engines what your website is all about.  

Human consciousness is expanding

Thanks to YouTube providing the tools, human consciousness is ever expanding in a continuation of the big bang.  Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now takes the religion out of spirituality.  For the past fifteen years I have been studying and practicing Joel S. Goldsmith's Infinite Way.   Now on December 1, 2023 I am focusing on The Power of Now.  Last night I slowed it down so it went into my consciousness easier 

Can Google Sites be optimized as powerfully as WordPress?

How much original human content can you create in a few hours?  If you are prolific, then you have what it takes to be a successful blogger.  The key to search engine optimization has always been useful and engaging content that provides a rich user experience.  There is an easily discernable difference between content created by AI and real human blood, sweat and tears. 

For fifteen years this LegalNoodle domain was a powerful and expensive WordPress blog and the search engine optimization capabilities were astounding.  Now LegalNoodle is an inexpensive Google Site.  Can a Google Site achieve the same incredible SEO rankings of a WordPress blog?  My theory is that the only thing Sites lacks are WP's categories and tag functions and so if you add everything else that Yoast suggests, then the answer is that they should both be capable of ranking high in the organics. The key is compelling useful content.  My hypothesis is that Yoast's WP SEO checklist can be used on Google Sites:

Yoast WordPress SEO Checklist From a Long Gone WordPress Blog

I am putting Yoast's SEO checklist on my home page because I want to memorize it again: 

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