There are many different paths to enlightened consciousness.  Here are my main teachers:

His only real book, The Infinite Way, is also his first.  Every other book is a transcription of his meditation classes.   I am currently studying The Mystical I.   Goldsmith is the only thinker I have ever found who can explain the similarities between the enlightenment of Krishna-Moses-Christ-Holy Spirit-Paul-Maimonides in one sentence.  The purpose of this website is for me to add Goldsmith's name to this list of sages.   

Summed up in one word The Infinite Way is: One.  Oneness with God.  Goldsmith can take you right there to The Thing Itself.  

Eckhart Tolle says that if you need help attaining  Oneness with the universe, try using ACIM to wipe away everything you know so that you can more easily attain enlightenment.  

In 2004, Denise Klein directed me to the practical exercises in the workbook at the end of the text. I had never gotten that far and so I had never practiced the exercises.  They clear the mind for the miracles to happen!  This helpful hint facilitated my healing easier than the plodding through the dense text in the first section of ACIM.

In 2008 I discovered Joel Goldsmith at the Agape International Spiritual Center Freedom Path Ministry of Paul and Liz Racci.   Agape and Founder's Church of Religious Science are the last brick and mortar churches I was ever a regular at.